CSR Synergies with 360 Degrees Solutions

Impacto boasts a team of seasoned experts operating within the realm of development and CSR. They have progressed by executing practical initiatives involving stakeholders, utilizing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) approaches.

Impacto Solutions

Impacto CSR Services

We offer the following specialized services in CSR :-

  • Conceptualizing CSR strategy and defining CSR philosophy and objectives
    For numerous entities new to the realm of CSR, the initial phase proves to be the most challenging. Recognizing our distinct brand worth becomes crucial in presenting a robust CSR strategy. A well-founded philosophy significantly contributes to shaping enduring interventions, fostering impact, and amplifying the organization's brand value.
  • Defining vision, mission and funding strategy
    After establishing the fundamental principles and guidelines, it becomes vital for the organization to chart a course of action, guided by the CSR policy's vision and mission. This roadmap for creating an impact will also enable the organization to shape its funding approach.
    Aligning community requirements with the resources and interests of the organization.
  • Due Diligence and Partner Selection for CSR Projects
    A reliable collaborator with direct engagement with recipients stands out as a pivotal element in a prosperous CSR initiative. At Impacto, we craft immensely effective CSR strategies in collaboration with client organizations, guaranteeing both their endorsement and that of the community throughout the process. We also aid them in identifying the most suitable and optimal partner for their undertakings. Additionally, we are open to providing training to these collaborators, aligning with the ethos and objectives of the client organizations.
  • CSR Reporting & Communications
    We support organizations in engaging pertinent stakeholders through channels such as CSR reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, website communications, and newsletters.
  • CSR Training
    We deliver training programs on CSR and Sustainability, extending comprehensive assistance and guidance to senior and middle management tiers. This equips them to execute the policy, execute the outlined strategy, and proficiently utilize sustainability management tools within their respective organizations.
  • Designing Employee Engagement Programs
    Employee involvement stands as a significant facet of CSR that has experienced substantial growth in recent times. Enterprises have started recognizing that a pivotal approach to solidify their principles and cultivate employee allegiance involves furnishing them with experiences that transcend routine responsibilities and job outlines. We also aid in formulating strategies and initiatives for employee engagement linked to their CSR endeavors. This assists in cementing the organization's undertaken initiatives and their impact.